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All Guillaume Musso’s novels


An Apartment in Paris

“Art is a lie that tells the truth…” Paris, an artist’s workshop hidden at the end of a lush green alleyway. Madeline has rented it to allow herself some rest and isolation. Due to a misunderstanding, the young cop from London sees Gaspard, a misanthropic author who has come from […]



Brooklyn Girl

I remember the moment very well. We were looking out over the sea, the horizon shining, when Anna asked the question: ‘If I did something terrible, would you still love me?’ How would you have answered? Anna was the lady of my life. We were getting married in three weeks. Of course […]



This Very Instant

Lisa and Arthur can only see each other one time per year. He spends his life looking for her… …she spends hers waiting. Lisa dreams of becoming an actress. She works in a bar in Manhattan to pay her way through acting school. One evening she meets Arthur Costello, a […]



Central Park

Alice and Gabriel have no memory of the night before…yet they won’t forget it any­time soon. New York, 8am. Alice, a young Parisian cop and Gabriel, American jazz pianist, wake up on a bench in Central park hand­cuffed to one another. They don’t know each other and have no memory […]


Italie / Italy
Sperling & Kupfer


She is his past…he is her future. Emma lives in New York. At age 32, she is still looking for Mr. Right. Matthew lives in Boston. He lost his wife in a terrible accident and is raising his four-year-old daughter alone. A serendipitous e-mail encounter and correspondence leads them to […]


CV_7 ANS APRES_XO-108*117.indd

7 Years Later

Divorce separated them, danger is going to bring them back together… From the streets of Paris to the heart of the Amazon, an unsparing and brilliantly constructed thriller. A bohemian artist with a fiery temper, Nikki bursts into Sebastian’s sensible and well-ordered life. Though opposites in every way, they love […]


CV_XO_APPEL DE _ANGE_108*117.indd

Call from an Angel

What starts as a romantic comedy turns progressively into a high-flying thriller A masterful intrigue driven by moving characters A superbly executed finale Two whole lives contained in two tiny mobile phones… New York, JFK Airport. In a packed airport lounge, a man and a woman literally run into each other, […]


CV_XO_FILLE DE PAPIER_108*117.indd

Girl on Paper

Can fiction influence real life?  “She appeared on my terrace on a stormy night, soaking wet and stark naked: – Where did you come from? – I fell… – Fell out of what? – Fell out of your book. You know, out of your story!” Tom Boyd, a famous writer who’s suffering […]


Que serais-je sans toi ?

Where would I be without you

From the rooftops of Paris to sunny San Francisco A story of first love that lights up a whole life A masterful and deeply moving conclusion. Gabrielle has two men in her life. One is her father, the other her first love. One is a great cop, the other a […]



One day, perhaps

Where there is love, there is no darkness…  One morning, Ethan, one of Manhattan’s most brilliant therapists, receives a letter from Céline, the woman he loved, and left, in order to pursue a dazzling career. It is her wedding marriage. Ethan is rich, famous, but terribly lonely and realizes that […]


CV_PARCE QUE JE T_AIME__XO_108*117.indd

Lost and Found

A profoundly human story. An astounding ending. Layla, a five year old girl, disappears in a department store in Los Angeles. Devastated, her parents can’t manage to salvage their marriage and end up separating. Five years later, Layla is found in the exact place where she was last seen. She […]


CV_SERAS_TU LA_XO_108*117.indd

Will you be there?

What if we were given a chance to go back ? “Dad?” “No, Elliott, I am not your father.” “Well then, who are you?” The man put his hand on my shoulder. A familiar look crossed his face. He seemed to hesitate, and then answered: “I’m you, Elliott…” I stepped […]



A Mix-Up in Heaven

The hardest part isn’t finding love, it’s learning how to hold on to it On a winter’s evening, in the heart of the Broadway theater district, Juliette, a pretty 28-year old French woman, meets Sam, a young pediatrician from New York. Scared of being a disappointment, she hides the fact […]


CV_XO_ET APRES_108*117.indd


Life is for living, Life is for Love At age 8, Nathan drowned when he jumped into a lake to save a girl’s life. He went into cardiac arrest, saw a light at the end of a tunnel, and was pronounced dead. Then, against all odds, he came back to […]