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21 January 2021
17 December 2020
05 November 2020
A true pleasure to read!
Denis Girolami, i>TELE
What an acrobat! Guillaume Musso is a magician of suspense, an extra-temporal acrobat who constantly works on improving his show. This guy clearly doesn’t live in the same time-space continuum that we do, as he mixes suspense, romance and various though
Pierre Vavasseur, Le Parisien
A love story that challenges the laws of time, (…) an intricate plot (…) as rich as one could wish and that surprises you right until the end.
Blaise de Chabalier, Le Figaro littéraire
In his 10th novel, Guillaume Musso orchestrates a clever mix of genres and weaves a gripping suspense plot over the backdrop of a love triangle. Impressive.