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22 March 2021
21 January 2021
17 December 2020
This story is full of suspense.
Livres Hebdo
Girl on Paper is probably Guillaume Musso’s best novel to date (…). His fans will not be disappointed. The plot is flawless, and the ending is particularly well-crafted and surprising.
Blaise de Chabalier du Figaro Littéraire
Funnier and more caustic that usual, Musso’s style remains sinfully effective.
Jérôme Vermelin, Métro
Musso is right to risk everything with this novel. (..) Girl on Paper is a cheeky magic trick. Better than that: an elegant migration as light as the flight of a bird, between imaginary and reality. (..). We must have forgotten that life is a novel. Thi
Pierre Vavasseur, Le Parisien