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13 June 2022
02 April 2022
02 February 2022
His most intoxicating novel. […] An intense, diabolical thriller that strings you along so as to better unnerve you. […] With its psychologically mastered characters, its multi-level intrigue and its unbearable suspense, An Apartment in Paris is undoubte
Anaïs Orieul – Terrafemina
A fast paced-intrigue that keeps you turning the pages until the end.
Marina Carrère d’Encausse – France 5
An Apartment in Paris definitely deserves its thriller status and, in passing, unveils a new nuance in his imaginary world. (…) Like a painting, a novel is made up of layers. Musso knows this better than anyone and he masters the technique of painting wi
Pierre Vavasseur – Le Parisien
Technically mastered, narratively efficient, this page-turner is in line with Harlan Coban and Jesse Kellerman.
Michel Dufranne – RTBF