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    Quelqu'un d'autre
    Angélique - édition illustrée
    La vie secrète des écrivains
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    L'Inconnue de la Seine
    La vie est un roman
    La vie secrète des écrivains
    La Jeune Fille et la Nuit


20 November 2023
17 August 2023
18 January 2023
His most intoxicating novel. […] An intense, diabolical thriller that strings you along so as to better unnerve you. […] With its psychologically mastered characters, its multi-level intrigue and its unbearable suspense, An Apartment in Paris is undoubte
Anaïs Orieul – Terrafemina
A fast paced-intrigue that keeps you turning the pages until the end.
Marina Carrère d’Encausse – France 5
An Apartment in Paris definitely deserves its thriller status and, in passing, unveils a new nuance in his imaginary world. (…) Like a painting, a novel is made up of layers. Musso knows this better than anyone and he masters the technique of painting wi
Pierre Vavasseur – Le Parisien
Technically mastered, narratively efficient, this page-turner is in line with Harlan Coban and Jesse Kellerman.
Michel Dufranne – RTBF